Monday, August 30, 2010

"Back in the Saddle" and at it again

Okay, I have taken enough of a break and I am going to try to work on keeping this blog current.

I just spent the the first days of school talking to my students about what changes have happened and what are some things we can expect in terms of technology. Using the Shift Happens videos by Karl Fisch, I walked my students through the information putting it into context for them. I asked them to blog about their thoughts on the videos. They had mixed opinions, but I think overall came away with the idea that technology will become a bigger part of their lives.

Today, a friend emailed me a cool website, thewildernessdowntown. If you open that in Google Chrome and type in an address, it will play a music video based on the the address integrating Google Maps the the street view. Cool stuff and another example of how technology can be integrated more into our lives. Music video on demand based on info we supplied. Not exactly what is happening, but the effect is still there. Try it out.

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