Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Implementing tech tools, the ez way - Goomoodleikiog

When working with teachers, I try and steer clear of the term technology while helping them implement technology in their classroom. In most cases, I experience a kind of glaze over teacher's face when the word is mentioned. I think most believe as soon as technology is introduced to their classroom they will have to gear up spending a lot of time teaching the hows and whys while learning it themselves. I also don't like the idea of forcing new technology on the masses. I feel that in those kind of situations, only a few will listen and of those few, only a few of them will implement. The rest just have that "Oh Bother" look about them and then end up having negative thoughts not only on technology but on me. What ends up happening then, as I walk into any room, people scurry away fearful of the Sanchez tech retch. This is the way I felt and others reacted when I had a job as a facilitator and was instructed to do just what I described.

Instead, I would rather like to walk into a classroom and look for ways to implement technology in a seamless matter. As I observe, I take mental notes on possible ways to introduce a technology tool to their classroom in a manner that would only require a couple of hours of prep for them to be fully comfortable with the new "tool". I then will sit down with them and walk through the paces. When they are ready, I will come to class or will stop in time to time to make sure things are working okay.

Take a look at the following video. Here are some ideas that have been used by some of our staff here at CCMS. It seems that if you use the technology as a tool to help ease the work load, the classroom can become more manageable. This video is a example of 4 free tools that I have used and have found helpful in many ways. Take a look at their web site - Goomoodleikiog. There is much more information on the site about implement these and other techno tools in the classroom.