Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Study: Too few schools are teaching cyber safety

One of the reasons I started this blog is to help teachers in our school by having a place to go when they have questions. Another reason is to have a place to voice opinions about what I believe we need to be doing/working on in schools with technology.

I have long voiced an opinion that we need to give our students access to the Internet at school so that we can teach them how to use it. By blocking content the only accomplishment we achieve is the avoidance of having to "DEAL" with it. As a result, our students graduate without any training on how to use the Internet with minimal consequences. The following article addresses the same issues. Please read and then talk to your administrator. Our students deserve to understand the benefits and consequences of the Internet.

Study: Too few schools are teaching cyber safety

To read the whole article you will have to register with There is no sales call and they have a lot of great articles all of which are archived for future reading.

As an extra, read the following posted by David Truss.

Warning! We Filter Websites at School


  1. Greetings Rick,
    Here is a post I wrote about talking about just such things... I think we can do a lot to promote cyber safety even in a school that is blocked... conversation like the first comment suggest.
    Hope this helps,

  2. Thanks Dave for referencing the post. I agree, let's talk about it. Open up lines of communication for our students. Get them aware.