Monday, September 14, 2009

Saving YouTube, Teacher Tube and other website videos.

Don't you know, every time you want to use an online video in your class the Internet slows to a snails pace or the Internet itself is down. No worries, I'm here to help.

The simplest solution is to download the video and have access to it whether the network is up or not. There are many services to help you with this. Some charge and others are free. One great site is It is pretty simple to use. Just copy the URL (the Internet address) of the web site containing the video and paste it into the URL box at the top of the page at and click the download button to the right. A couple of links will then appear just below. There usually is a couple of choices. You will have to read the details following each link to decide which clip you  want. Choices include a higher and lower quality clips and sometimes a different size option (in pixels).

One note to mention - while this method works on Youtube videos and such it will not work all the time. There are different solutions out there. Other methods can be found by typing in "capture streaming video" in a google search.

As always, if you have questions let me know. TTFN

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